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Avian Flu
AVIAN FLU THREAT HOW SHOULD EAPs RESPOND? Client companies and organizations are increasingly looking to their EAPs for help in crafting a response to the potential avian flu pandemic

Avian influenza, avian flu virus
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The avian flu virus subtypes are labeled according to an H number and an N number. The avian influenza subtypes that have been confirmed in humans , ordered by the number of known human deaths, are:
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MOSCOW The H5N1 strain of avian flu was confirmed in the Russian region of Dagestan, where hundreds of thousands of birds were found dead at poultry farms, officials said today

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Avian flu is common and often spread by migratory birds. In recent years, sporadic cases of bird flu have affected poultry. Most ominous is when the virus mutates to affect humans, as well – and

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